Selection of Jayoti Sangh:

#Selection of Jayoti Sangh

 The selection is to be made for the students of each discipline, each program and each batch to serve their services.

  • One student from each discipline of each year/semester/trimester will be Class Representative (CR) who has been elected by the Students of the Class.
  • The CR’s select their JSR and Nominee of JSR, Vice-JSR and Nominee of Vice-JSR and Secretary of Jayoti Sangh.
  • The Meeting of Jayoti Sangh will be conducted as per requirement and chair by JSR/Vice-JSR or their Nominees compulsorily in presence of Secretary.
  • The total work duration for Jayoti Sangh members will be for one Academic Year.
  • The ultimate authority of Jayoti Sangh would be lies in the hands of Registrar, and the JSR, Vice JSR, their Nominees and secretary can directly interact with the Registrar for any issue without any prior appointment or may call directly from University landline from their room.
  • Submission or report will take place after the end of every month to the concerned authorities. While submitting the report care should be taken that report should consists of problem along with their solutions.
  • All the elected CR’s shall be the mentors of their class group on University Outings. They shall have to go on duty during outings on Sunday and charges will be exempted for them for 4 University Outings per academic session. In absence of CR, the JSR, Vice-JSR, their nominee or Secretary are also exempted from the charges for outing. All the members of Jayoti Sangh will get a certificate from the University.

 The nomination of student in the SANGH nevertheless disturb the class and other academic programs. The SANGH’S events are scheduled and forecasted according to the academic calendar. Students on the other hand are not permitted to organize any kind of public and movements without the prior information to the authority.