It is our firm belief that an atmosphere of peace, amity and academics must prevail in the campus. The objective of Jayoti Sangh program is geared to enable and inspire student to self dependent and also contribute towards welfare of the entire Student community.

        In-House Activities:

  • Student Voice
  • Cultural and Technical Fest
  • Religious Festivals
  • Social Awareness Campaigns
  • Sport Activities, Academic & Non Academic Activities
  • Manage Hospitality at the time of official meeting, inspection from outside agencies, Seminars Presentation or as per required by the University etc.
  • Any other student welfare activities.
  • Volunteering in campus during any sudden disaster, emergency

        Out-Reach Activities:

  • Community Welfare, Activities such as awareness, campaigns on a women Education, Education for underprivileged children/orphans, Energy, Conservation, Organic Farming.
  • Healthcare and Health Awareness Programs.
  • Manage the University Outings.
  • Volunteering during famine, flood, cyclone, drought etc.